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The Original and the best ! The Talon Trailer Lock [ TL 140] secures your trailer both on and off your stationery vehicle with the simple twist of a key. The lock is fully cast from the toughest grade of stainless steel and features the renown Bi-Lock high security cylinder, with a key system that is both tamper proof and pick resistant. the lock is convenient to use, taking 30 seconds to install and detach from your trailer. It is rust and corrosion proof and will surely last a life time. It carries comprehensive guarantees of quality and has been approved by motoring authorities across Australia

Hitch Lock [ TL 150 ]

Secure your hitch lock into the back of your vehicle with the Talon Hitch Lock. The stainless steel pin has a machined groove on the end which is secrued in place with the Bi-Lock high sercurity cylinder. The dust cap pushes into the key-way and an " O " ring inside the cylinder assists in preventing water and dust from entering. Put the Hicth Lock in place and leave there while driving. no more worries !

Trailer & Hitch Package [TL 145 ]

What better way to protect your investments - be they boats, caravan work trailer or horse float, than with the package set from the Australian Lock Company. This set comprises of the Talon Trailer Lock, which secures your trailer both on and off or hitch with a simple turn of a key, and the Talon Hitch Lock, which will secure your hitch in the back of your vehicle.

Which ever increasing number of caravans, boats, and trailer stolen every day from backyards, boat ramps and outside homes, the wisest decision you could make is to own this package set today.

4WD Treg Lock [TL 160 ]

For 4WD enthusiasts, here is the ultimate security package. Simply slip the Treg Lock pin into the coupling and attach the BI Lock security cylinder onto the machined end. With a turn of the key, your possessions are secure. Why not also key-up to your 4WD with the added security of a Talon Hitch Lock? See us today for a package set !

Hitch & 4WD Treg Lock Package [TL 155 ]

The Talon 4WD security set comprises of the a Hitch Lock, which secures your hitch into the back of your vehicle and a Treg lock which simply slips through a box - like coupling and is locked on to the machined end with a Bi-Lock high security cylinder. The Hitch lock is keyed to the same serial number, so you only one key to operate both the products. Simple ! Now you can leave your trailer for a few days while you take off on that fishing trip, knowing that your ride hide will be there when you get back with your record catch !